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Press Conferences

Press conferences for your image

Your company’s ongoing presence in the media is a major criteria for successful press and public relations. Press conferences are the fine art of this work. They are also a highly sensitive PR tool, which must be used properly if you wish to shape public opinion in your favor.

COMMUNICO’s event managers and communication strategists will make your press conference a complete success. We will advise you on when a press conference is feasible, and how best to act at a PR event. In the run-up we will find the right venue, take care of technology and ensure everything runs smoothly.

A communication concept will help to prepare you extensively for the press conference and show you how to talk to media representatives. We will also be there to advise you during the PR event. A press conference draws attention to you and increases brand awareness in the long run. A press conference organized and managed for you by COMMUNICO will give you a strong presentation with positive feedback.


SportScheck PK Sport im Hort mit Paul Biedermann - Berlin

SportScheck Jahreskonferenz - Outdoor Messe Friedrichshafen

NBC Universal

SportScheck PK & Autogrammstunde mit Luca Toni - München

SportScheck PK & Autogrammstunde mit Miroslav Klose - München