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Promotions with a fun factor.

Do you want to create a promotional brand experience, but don’t know how to reach your customers? Then choose professionally conducted promotional campaigns by COMMUNICO! We will assist you in making your product known to customers with a special fun factor and present it in a way that promotes sales.

Promotion is a useful marketing instrument to bring customers and brands together. Successful promotional campaigns aim to create customers who buy your products. We succeed with sophisticated promotional campaigns tailored specifically to your target audience and your product. 

To do so we approach your customers at the right place, the right time, and with the right communication strategy. We place special emphasis on personnel, as they form the backbone of a successful promotion. Our promotion staff undergo intense training to present your brand the best way possible. Promotional materials of high-quality design support our promotion teams.



Lasse KJUS Kollektionsvorstellung - SportScheck GmbH

Trentino Marketing - Deutschlandweit


SportScheck Leistungsdiagnostik im Rahmen der Stadtlaufserie 2008 - Deutschlandweit 17 Standorte

KISS Coverband - Deutschlandweite Guerilla Aktion für NBC Universal

SportScheck "Starten wir durch" im Rahmen der Stadtlaufserie - Deutschlandweit, 16 Standorte

Promotion Equipment